Forresters Beach Air Conditioning

Forresters Beach Air Conditioning

Air conditioning installation, maintenance, repairs and cleaning in Forresters Beach

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Forresters Beach Air Conditioning Maintenance, repairs and cleaning

Efficient Air Conditioning cc will service your air conditioning system so that it works when you need it most. If your current air conditioning system is not operating as it should, we will undertake the necessary repairs and provide you with honest advice as to the best way forward. We will conduct a thorough, professional clean to ensure you are breathing the cleanest air possible all year round.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Purchasing ducted air conditioning is an investment and in most cases adds value to your Forresters Beach home. Air is distributed via ductwork to vents or diffusers, which are located in each room. With a one touch controller, you can keep your home a comfortable temperature all year round. We supply and install the top brands of ducted air conditioning systems.

Split System Air Conditioning Forresters Beach

A cost-effective solution to keep smaller areas or single rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. We supply and install the top brands of split system air conditioning.

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Efficient Air Conditioning Forresters Beach

The team at Efficient Air Conditioning CC have been keeping the people of Forresters Beach comfortable for over 15 years, installing, servicing and repairing air conditioning systems. Rhys is dedicated to ensuring Efficient Air Conditioning CC provides honest advice, uses quality products and expert technicians for a reasonable price. Efficient Air Conditioning CC deals with top air conditioning brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Fujitsu.

Efficient Air Conditioning CC will provide honest advice and immeasurable customer service while finding an air conditioning solution for your home or business in Forresters Beach.

Installation of Air Conditioning in Forresters Beach

We will attend your property to determine what we consider the best system to be, or if you know what type of system you would like, you can complete our ducted cost calculator to receive a quote via email.

Maintenance, repairs and cleaning of air conditioning in Forresters Beach

Efficient Air Conditioning CC recognises the importance of upkeep and will ensure your air conditioning unit works at its maximum capacity all year round by scheduling and completing regular services and cleaning of your system. We offer subscriptions for both general service and cleaning of air conditioning units in Forresters Beach and will schedule a yearly service/clean with you at a reduced rate.

Being close to the ocean is fantastic, but the salt air can be brutal on your air conditioning unit. We will carefully consider where to position your unit and what materials to use to ensure any negative impact of the salt air is minimised.

Costs for air conditioning systems in Forresters Beach

General service split system


General service ducted system



$99 call out fee plus the cost of repairing the system

Professional clean


Quoting a new system


5yr Subscription for split systems

$100 per year

General Service 5yr Subscription for ducted systems

$110 per year

General Service and Cleaning 5yr Subscription for split systems

$250 per year

General Service and Cleaning 5yr Subscription for ducted systems

$280 per year

(all prices include GST)

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