Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance Central Coast

All air conditioning systems require yearly services to ensure they continue to work to their full capacity. Further, in order to keep your five years manufacturer’s warranty, it is important to arrange regular servicing from a licenced and insured company.

We will service your air conditioning system so that it works when you need it most.

Cost of General Service (incl GST):

Split system: $110

Ducted system: $130

Efficient Air Conditioning CC’s Servicing Subscription

After the purchase and installation of your air conditioning system from Efficient Air Conditioning CC, we offer you a 5 year general service subscription.

For the reduced rate of $100/$110 per year, we will schedule and complete a yearly service of your system.

This will ensure you are compliant with the conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty and will mean you don’t have the hassle of remembering to maintain your system. In addition, we offer a general service and cleaning subscription for $250/280 per year (for further details see ‘Professional Cleaning’ page).

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