This depends on your electricity usage rate, the energy efficiency of your system, how many zones or rooms you are conditioning, the climate you are in, the type of system, the size of the system and the effectiveness of the insulation in your property.

However, an estimate of cost to run an air conditioning system are below:

Ducted system: $3 per hour in summer and $1.85 per hour in winter

Split system: $286 – $586 per year

Warranty is provided by the manufacturers of the unit (e.g. Mitsubishi), however Efficient Air Conditioning CC arranges this warranty for you when you purchase your system and deals with the manufacturer on your behalf. On the rare occasion that an issue arises within the 5 years manufacturer’s warranty period, Efficient Air Conditioning CC will act quickly to assist with a timely resolution so you are not without air conditioning for very long.

Yes. The main concern in doing this, is the warranty of the system. Efficient Air Conditioning CC only arranges warranty for you with the manufacturer on systems purchased through Efficient Air Conditioning CC. Therefore, if an issue arises with the system, you will have to contact the company you purchased it from.

Yes, we will repair any air conditioning system whether it was installed by us or someone else. However, if your system was installed by someone else and would still be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, please contact the company from which the system was purchased  

No. We will require access to your property, internally and externally, but if you are comfortable for us to be left at the property alone, you do not need to be home while we undertake the work. 

You will need to consider the shape and size of your room, the capacity of the unit and the piping length that connects the indoor and outdoor unit. Efficient Air Conditioning CC will attend your property and help you find the best place to install your air conditioner.

This depends on the type of system and unit you purchase as well as the size of the system required. Most split systems can be installed within a few hours. For ducted systems, we try to have the system installed within one day to minimise any inconvenience to you. After quoting your specific job, we will be able to provide a more succinct time frame.

Efficient Air Conditioning cc can work with you, your builders, and your architect to develop seamless progression installation of your system.

As the installation process involves both electrical and refrigeration work, only a Licensed NRAC (National Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Council) Installer and an A-Grade electrician should be used. Further, the installer should be registered with ARCTICK (the Australian Refrigeration Council). 

There are many things that can go wrong, from both a safety perspective and functionality perspective, if air conditioning is installed by an unlicensed person. 

Your 5 years manufacturer’s warranty will be voided if your system was not installed by a licensed installer. 

Covering the outdoor unit can restrict the ventilation of the unit and impact the performance of the system. We do not recommend that you cover the outdoor unit. If you wish to discuss alternative solutions, please contact us. 

As gas types change over the years so does the oil that is required to run your compressor if the oil of the new and the old system do not match it is possible that your compressor will seize the compressor, we cannot guarantee that the quality of the pipes will be sufficient for the new system to operate properly. We recommend replacing all parts of your system.

If a new ducted system is installed using existing ducts, we cannot guarantee that the quality and technology of the existing ducts will be sufficient or the new system to operate properly. We recommend all parts be replaced to ensure maximum efficiency and to take advantage of new technology. This advice is, however, dependent upon the age, condition and duct layout of the system we would be happy to discuss this further with you.

These lights are called fault codes and tell the technicians the location of the issue. However, sometimes the computer board in the system simply needs resetting. This is done by turning the power source (electrical switch board or outdoor isolator) off, leaving it off for at least 5 minutes and then turning it back on. If the system runs for an hour with no issues, it is likely you have fixed the problem. If issues continue, Efficient Air Conditioning CC will need to attend and find a solution.

Below are some links for operation manuals of systems that Efficient Air Conditioning CC install:

Daikin Operation Manuals

MHIAA User Manuals

The main things you will need to consider are the size of the space you are looking to condition, the shape of the space, how well your home is insulated and what climate you live in. The bigger the space you are conditioning, the bigger the air conditioner will need to be. The adequacy of your home’s insulation will determine how it maintains its temperature and how much heating or cooling will be required. 


Efficient Air Conditioning CC will attend your property and provide you with advice as to the best size system for your needs and your property.

In a conventional ducted system, there is one thermostat which senses the temperature of your entire house. Once the thermostat reaches the set temperature, your air conditioning system thinks its job is done and automatically stops heating/cooling. Often, the result is that the only comfortable area in the house is the area where the thermostat is located. 

The solution is a smart control system, which gives you individualised temperature control in each area. Contact Efficient Air Conditioning CC today to have your smart control system installed.

Usually, this is completely normal and nothing to worry about. It is most likely condensation caused by heat exchange.

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